Travertine vs Limestone Pool Deck: In-Depth Comparison [2023]

Travertine vs Limestone Pool Deck Featured Image

Within the realm of architectural elegance and landscape sophistication, Travertine and limestone are central figures, especially in conceptualizing and realizing luxurious pool decks. These distinguished natural stones, each encased in unique characteristics and aesthetic subtleties, have been the focal point of numerous debates and analytical comparisons. A thorough exploration of their formation processes, structural characteristics, […]

Travertine vs Marble Pool Decks: Comparison Guide for 2023

Travertine vs Marble Pool Deck

The battle for the best material for pool decks is a longstanding debate, often headlined by two prominent natural stones: Travertine and marble. For homeowners seeking to create a paradise in their backyard, the decision is more than a matter of aesthetics; it is a comprehensive investment. Every aspect holds its weight in this critical […]

Honed vs Tumbled Travertine Pool Deck: [Ultimate Guide 2023]

Honed vs Tumbled Travertine Pool Deck

A swimming pool deck is often at the top of the list when you are planning to design your perfect outdoor oasis. It serves not just as a functional space but also as an aesthetic anchor. Therefore, the choice of material for constructing this all-important area is something that demands a significant amount of thought. […]

How To Fix Slippery Travertine Pool Deck: In-Depth Guide [For 2023]

How To Fix Slippery Travertine Pool Deck Featured Image

Travertine pool decks have always captivated us with their timeless beauty and elegance. They can effortlessly turn a mundane poolside area into a luxurious oasis, providing the perfect setting for relaxation, recreation, and cherished gatherings. However, amidst this allure, we tend to face a common issue that many pool owners experience: a slippery travertine pool […]

Travertine vs Concrete Pool Deck: In-Depth Comparison For 2023

Travertine vs Concrete Pool Decks

If you are like most homeowners dreaming of the perfect backyard oasis, then you’re likely pondering the critical question: Should you go for a Travertine or Concrete Pool Deck? Having spent over a decade in supplying premium Travertine and working very closely with homeowners and contractors, we have shared our expertise and have consulted homeowners […]

Why Sealing Travertine Pool Deck is Important (2023 Guide)

Why Sealing Travertine Pool Deck is Important

Having worked in the travertine production and supply sector for years, we have lost count of the number of times we’ve heard homeowners say, “It’s just a stone; it’s strong enough on its own.” Yes, travertine is a robust and elegant material, but it isn’t invincible. As with anything precious, it requires a certain level […]