How Texas Travertine gets Turkish Travertine directly to Customers

Travertine from Turkey

Dug from large quarries in Turkey, shipped to the United States on a cargo ship, driven to our warehouse for distribution, then delivered across the country (well, depending on your location) by truck to you – stone distributors in the United States don’t have travertine on hand and it travels a long way to arrive […]

Empowering Our Customers

Travertine 2

Texas Travertine’s mission is to empower our visitors to make an informed decision when purchasing travertine products. To achieve this mission we regularly supply value adding content to further educate about travertine. As the popularity of travertine has grown the industry has seen wider range in quality of travertine products. Some companies have preyed on […]

French Pattern, Versailles, or Ashlar?

Nuance Travertine Paver

Trying to decide on French pattern, Versailles, or Ashlar travertine tiles and pavers – well, the choice may be easier than you think.  If you’ve been scouring the stone market in search for the perfect travertine tile or paver but can’t decide on a particular pattern you like, the choice may be easier than you […]

Color of Travertine

Leonardo Travertine Pavers Outdoor Inspiration

Finding the right color of travertine or any stone can be a daunting process due to the range of color gradients and industry names that frequently change based on the distributor, but with knowledge of what to look for in your next stone can help eliminate the unnecessary stress. It may have taken weeks and […]

Benefits of Using Travertine

 Designing your next indoor or outdoor project but don’t know what type of stone to use? Here are 5 benefits for using travertine materials, so that you can get the design, style, and look you want without the worry.  Your project is important, and you want everything to be perfect so you can enjoy your […]

Travertine Paver Advantages

Nuance Travertine Paver

Travertine Pavers have detonated in ubiquity as a deck and finishing choice. The regular stone include a rich profundity and layer to any extend. Travertine pavers are particularly helpful in pool and porches. In light of its cool temperature it won’t overheat on hot days when the sun is out. This is particularly valuable in […]