Seasonal Maintenance Tips for Travertine Pool Decks (Works in 2023)

Maintenance Tips For Travertine Pool Deck

When you have the privilege of enjoying a stunning travertine pool deck gracing your backyard, you quickly realize the importance of preserving its timeless beauty and functionality. Travertine, a truly luxurious form of natural stone, has the power to elevate the allure of any outdoor space, infusing it with an unmatched charm. Through firsthand experience, […]

An Architect’s Guide To Limestone Tiles

Architects hold an essential role in society as they help us shape most of the buildings and houses that you see. In a sense, they help us define the landscape of countries and the landscape inside our homes. If you are an architect coming up with house renderings to display designs to a client, you […]

Why You Should Start Using Travertine Pavers to Add Value to Your Home


Choosing a suitable material for the flooring of your house in a way that adds value to your property can be a frustrating process. Although some stones are more commonly used, travertine pavers are one of the best choices to use. Travertine pavers are considered the best outdoor natural stones for landscape architects, designers, and […]

What is Travertine?

Despite the surge in popularity and the high demand amongst developers and builders for travertine, many homeowners may not be too familiar with the stone when compared to marble or granite. What is Travertine? Travertine is a sedimentary limestone deposited by mineral springs with formations located all around the world, notably Tivoli, Italy, where the […]

Travertine Pool Decking Pros and Cons

Travertine Pool Decking

It just hit mid-July and the summer’s scorching heat is making you retreat to the confines of your air-conditioned living room, but with summer vacation, the kids are desperate to play outside, which is why you keep hearing the phrase “I’m bored.” Sound familiar? At this moment you’re probably putting together a list of responses […]

The Roman Colosseum: Travertine’s First Famous Architectural Use

Roman Colosseum travertine

Standing in the midst of what was the epicenter of an empire, the Roman Colosseum, remains an emblem of the legacy of the Roman Empire. Built from the finest travertine mined from areas in central Italy, the Colosseum wouldn’t be the same structure it is if it was constructed with something other than the durable, […]