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The Magic of Travertine Pavers

Immerse yourself in the beauty of travertine pavers.

Each piece is a timeless emblem of nature's artistry, adorned with a unique pattern and subtle color variations.

These pavers are not just visually captivating; they are also highly unsusceptible to moisture, making them an ideal choice for outdoor installation.

Whether you want to create a quaint patio, a sophisticated pool deck, or a driveway that exudes class, travertine is the perfect choice.

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French Pattern: A Classic Statement

There's something enchanting about a French pattern.

The way the stone pieces of varying sizes come together to form a harmonious design adds a layer of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Our French pattern travertine pavers are perfect for patios, walkways, and pool decks, offering your exteriors an irresistibly classy look that never goes out of style.

Tumbled Thickness for Endurance

What makes our travertine pavers the perfect choice for your outdoors is their tumbled thickness.

It makes them highly resistant to pressure and weathering, allowing them to maintain their natural beauty for years.

Moreover, the tumbled thickness gives the pavers a unique texture that reduces the chances of slipping, especially around pools or other moist areas.

Design Possibilities with Travertine

The possibilities to create with our travertine pavers are boundless.

Their natural stone charm can easily elevate your patio or make your driveway a sight to behold.

From creating captivating walkways to designing irresistible pool decks, travertine pavers can bring your outdoor space dreams to life.

Let your creativity loose and make a space that's uniquely you.

You are welcome to explore our wide selection and take your backyard, patio, or driveway to a whole new level.

Installation Made Easy

Installation of our travertine pavers is as smooth as their texture.

However, to ensure they last and maintain their allure, following the right installation process is vital.

We offer guidance and advice on installation to help you get the most out of your natural stone products.

And remember, the key to a perfect installation is preparing the surface, using quality materials, and placing each paver properly.

Travertine: A Resilient Choice

One of the key benefits of choosing travertine for your outdoor space is its resilience.

This natural stone is resistant to extreme temperatures, ensuring that your patios, walkways, or pool decks withstand the test of time.

Moreover, its natural capacity to resist moisture makes it an ideal choice for pool areas, adding an extra layer of safety.

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Experience the Luxury of Outdoor Living

Travertine pavers can transform an ordinary exterior into a luxury outdoor living space.

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee on a travertine patio or watching the kids play in the yard against the classy backdrop of a travertine walkway.

These pavers are more than just a design element; they're a lifestyle upgrade combining durability and timeless appeal.

Quality at the Heart of Our Products

Experience a new dimension in outdoor aesthetics with Texas Travertine. Quality is at the core of our travertine pavers. We believe that every stone we offer should meet and exceed your expectations.

Our dedicated team ensures that only the finest, most resilient pieces make their way into our collection.

Our travertine pavers are designed to transform your outdoor space into an enchanting haven that resonates with natural elegance.

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Whether you want to add a bit of class to your backyard or revamp your driveway, you can trust our pavers to deliver top-tier quality.

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Common FAQs About Travertine Pavers

1. Is travertine slippery when wet?

Yes, travertine is slippery when wet, just like many natural stones.

It is crucial to exercise caution, especially around pools or areas prone to moisture.

2. What coating makes travertine less slippery?

There are specific anti-slip sealers and coatings available for natural stones like travertine.

These products provide a non-slip surface without compromising the stone's natural beauty.

Look for sealants that specifically mention “anti-slip” or “non-skid” properties.

SlipDoctor's GripX sealant is suitable to be used on travertine pavers.

3. Is travertine high maintenance?

Yes, travertine can be considered moderately high maintenance relative to other types of natural stones.

It is porous, which makes it susceptible to staining.

Thus, regular sealing is recommended to prevent stains and etching.

However, travertine can remain stunning for decades with the proper care and timely maintenance.

4. Can you pressure wash travertine pavers?

Yes, you can pressure wash travertine pavers. However, it is essential to be gentle.

Always use a low-pressure setting and a gentle nozzle to avoid damaging the stone or the filler between the pavers.

Also, avoid using harsh chemicals that could discolor or degrade your travertine pavers.

Your Travertine Dream Starts Here

Your journey to creating the perfect outdoor space starts with Texas Travertine.

Our natural stone pavers are not just products but the first step toward realizing your dream exterior.

The perfect yard, patio, or driveway is just a stone's throw away.

Choose travertine pavers and embrace a world where nature's beauty meets practicality and class.

With Texas Travertine, you get more than just natural stone pavers; you get a promise of quality, resilience, and unparalleled beauty.

Our travertine pavers are the perfect choice to create an enduring and elegant outdoor space.

Step into the world of travertine and experience the joy of outdoor living like never before.

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