Empowering Our Customers

Texas Travertine’s mission is to empower our visitors to make an informed decision when purchasing travertine products. To achieve this mission we regularly supply value adding content to further educate about travertine. As the popularity of travertine has grown the industry has seen wider range in quality of travertine products. Some companies have preyed on the vulnerability of less versed customers and have overpriced and mis-marketed the quality of their stone.

Before becoming a go-to flooring option travertine begins as a limestone mineral that is usually deposited by hot springs. A natural phenomenon a rapid precipitation causes much of the coloring of the stone. As owners of over 13 quarries where this occurs our team is able to hand select the finest stones to fabricate and create a final product with unmatched precision.

These products ultimately become travertine tiles, mosaic, split face, pavers, and copings. In addition to the aesthetic beauty travertine has become a go to product for many of it functional capabilities as well. As a pavement it provides a unique slip-resistant grip. This along with its heat resistance has made travertine a favorite for outdoor and particularly pool sidings, pavers and copings.