Benefits of Using Travertine

 Designing your next indoor or outdoor project but don’t know what type of stone to use? Here are 5 benefits for using travertine materials, so that you can get the design, style, and look you want without the worry.

 Your project is important, and you want everything to be perfect so you can enjoy your new space, but picking the right material may be a long, frustrating process. Although some stones may be referenced more frequently when you’re doing design research, travertine is one of the best stones to use compared to the alternatives.

Here are some benefits:

Travertine is Durable

Travertine materials are extremely durable and long-lasting, check out the Colisseum in Rome if you don’t believe us! The architectural wonder was built out of travertine and has managed to withstand seasonal changes and the test of time.

The durability of travertine makes it a better solution for outdoor projects, especially in places where the weather is constantly changing and temperatures are extreme.

When designing an outdoor or indoor space, you want people to feel comfortable moving or placing things without damaging or scratching the stone – with travertine you won’t have to monitor these activities, your stone will withstand damaged. When you use travertine you rarely have to change or replace travertine tiles or pavers, there’s not a lot of wear and tear.

Travertine is Safe

Watching your kids playing around the pool may have led you to yell from the kitchen window, “don’t run around the pool” to try to prevent a dangerous slip, but most of the time kids don’t heed our safety advice. But instead of getting in a screaming match trying to avoid a trip to the ER, purchase travertine for your pool design.

Travertine is the safest option when it comes to choosing a lining or flooring in the area surrounding your pool. Travertine is not slippery because the porous nature of the stone absorbs the water, making it the safest option for your pool project.

Installing a pool in your backyard as a way to find some relief from the scorching summer heat? Don’t forget to get travertine tiles and pavers as a way to protect your feet. Travertine reflects heat unlike other materials and the nature of the stone allows for it to absorb cooler temperatures from the Earth below. Travertine is also resistant from freezing temperatures, so it won’t be slippery or difficult to walk on during snow season.

Travertine is Affordable

Remember the granite craze? When builders and homeowners were desperate to build countertops with granite – well, what a lot of people don’t know is that travertine is a much more affordable option and has the same glossy look compared to other stones. Travertine, which can have a matte or smooth finish, is ideal for any indoor project.

Stones like granite, marble, and limestone may be more of a household name than travertine, but installing travertine in your project is a much more cost-effective solution and you won’t have to compromise on the beauty of the design.

Travertine is Easy to Maintain

Although travertine is known for its durability, you may encounter a problem and need a tile replaced. For some stones that is an exhausting and a dramatic process, but not for travertine! Installing or replacing travertine materials is a quick and easy process, that won’t be costly.

Travertine is also incredibly easy to clean. Depending on the style of travertine you use, hone-finish or polished-finish, you can use regular cleaning products to get out stains or simply clean the surface.With a little bit of maintenance, travertine retains its natural color and shine, making it ideal for years to come!

Travertine is Versatile

Have a vision of what you want, but don’t know if you can pattern the stone to get exactly what you dreamt of? Well, with travertine, pieces can be cut or shaped in any pattern of design so you can get exactly what you want.

Also, the various finishes, colors, and styles of travertine allows for several different options when designing your project. Travertine can be used for walls to linings, ceilings to walkways, the inside of bathrooms to the inside of pools – the uses are endless.

The range of styles, cuts, and patterns makes travertine the easiest choice when it comes to picking your stone. Its uses are endless and it can be used for a range of building uses. Don’t limit travertine to just your bathroom or pool, it can even be used for the façade of your house or the structure inside.